Kenya’s first re-usable face mask developed for real-time de-activation of infectious agents.


Need help? Call +254 723 466218
Need help? Call +254 723 466218


The Tiira Nanomask is made from Tiira Antimicrobial Nanocomposite fabric. The antimicrobial potency claimed for this fabric has been tested and validated by the National Microbiology Reference Laboratory (NMRL) of the Ministry of Health, Kenya

Ministry of Health, Kenya certified

validated by the National Microbiology Reference Laboratory (NMRL) of the Ministry of Health, Kenya


Comfortable wear for use all day while working

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Made from patented nanocomposite material which has been treated with antimicrobial nanoparticles



Nanocomposite material does not cause allergies and is known to protect people with known allergies from severe reactions.

  • Real time de-activation of infections agents
  • Prevents you from re-breathing infections agents
  • Prevents spread of infectious agents to our hand when you touch the mask
  • Prevents secondary infections caused by touching masks


  • Nanocomposite materials have greater filtration efficiency than ordinary cloth materials but has lower efficiency non-woven materials.
  • NB: In high risk areas such as hospital wards and ICU, the mask should be worn along with non-woven masks.


  • The mask can be washed like any normal clothing item.
  • The strength against infectious agents is not destroyed by washing.
  • Nanocomposite materials retain antimicrobial strength for the life of the fabric.


For every conventional single-use mask discarded, more burden of hazardous, infectious waste is added onto the environment. Compounded over tens of thousands of people in specific areas and millions of people broadly, disposal of thousands of contaminated face masks has an unbelievable toll on our environment.


Due to problems of availability and cost, many people re-use disposable face masks. Infectious agents accumulate on the outer surface of the mask when breathing in and on the inner surface when breathing out. As the exhaled moisture builds up on the mask, viruses and bacteria multiply and aggregate into what becomes a dangerous biofilm that poses a risk to both the wearer and other people since the mask itself is a source of microbes that can become aerosolized and inhaled, or spread to others.

With the antimicrobial Nanomask, this problem is completely eliminated as the organisms are de-activated on contact.


When an infected person sneezes or coughs, the infectious agents adhere to surfaces and remain viable for days. The SARS-COV-2 virus has been shown to survive for upto 7 days on the surfaces of disposable masks. During this time, there is a high risk of secondary infection to anyone who comes into contact with it. This risk is completely eliminated by the use of antimicrobial Nanomask as the infectious agents are destroyed within minutes of contact with the mask.

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